Broadcom GAN039-650NBB half bridge evaluation board

This half-bridge evaluation board from Broadcom features Nexperia's GAN039-650NBB 650 V, 33 mΩ GaN FET in a CCPAK1212 package, alongside Broadcom's ACFJ-3262 10 A gate drive optocoupler. Suggested for renewable energy inverters and Industrial power supplies (PSUs), it showcases the high power conversion efficiency and robustness that GaN in general and specifically Nexperia's devices can bring to these applications.

PCB view and efficiency

  • The evaluation board uses 2nd generation 33 mΩ GaN FETs and are directly driven by the dual-channel ACFJ-3262 from Broadcom.
  • Configurable in both buck and boost topologies
  • Demonstrating 99% efficiency with hard-switching, utilising the Nexperia GaN FET GAN039-650NBB
  • CCPAK GaN FET package technology delivers ultra-low inductance for lower switching losses and EMI