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Nexperia addresses the needs of Industrial and Power customers. It requires proven quality and stable high-volume supply alongside lifetime reliability and product longevity. By producing over 100 billion products annually across a broad portfolio of products and packages, Nexperia keeps the ...

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Today’s cars are undergoing the greatest transformation the industry has seen. Continued electrification is resulting in significant change from the engine right through to the cloud. Get your application designs and recommendations for products right here at Nexperia.

We are looking for exceptional talent for ITEC, our semiconductor manufacturing company

We are currently looking at recruiting a number of key roles to expand the ITEC team's capabilities. Real specialist in mechatronics, electronics or R&D who can develop our next generation machines.
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七月 27, 2021
随着全球数十亿用户的生活方式变得日益灵活,通过Wi-Fi、4G和5G建立与云端的稳定连接至关重要。为了满足这种需求,超大规模计算解决方案和高速5G电信系统一直保持强劲增长。同时,运营商力图在更小的外形尺寸中实现更高的性能水平和效率,推动了从传统12 V服务器机架到48 V背板架构的转换。为了支持这种转换,Nexperia推出了适用于热插拔和软启动的最新80 V和100 V ASFET,采用LFPAK56E封装,为功率密度设定了新基准。

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人们在这里工作是因为我们的计划能够实现。我们的一些想法过于美好,以至于显得不真实。 来自奈梅亨的Joep - ITEC创新经理 加入Nexperia团队