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Despite the fact PCIM Europe has been cancelled, we still want to offer you the opportunity to experience how we are empowering innovation. We are pleased to invite you to attend the Nexperia Power Live Event on 2-3 July.

  • Watch our resident power experts present a series of on-demand demonstration videos across a number of topics in Automotive, Industrial, Power packaging, and Gallium Nitride (GaN)
  • Join like-minded people in a series of live sessions to discuss common challenges and demands faced by design engineers.
  • Gain expert opinions and insights, including appearances from our valued business partners Ricardo and Instagrid

3 July


One of the clearest trends in automotive power is the electrification of the powertrain. As a key supplier to the automotive industry discover our innovation expertise with expertise across MOSFETs, GaN and our new SiGe rectifiers.
  • On demand demonstrator videos
    • Automotive 48V/12V bidirectional DC/DC converter with 100 V MOSFETs
    • Automotive H-bridge DC motor control reference design, featuring. P-Channel LFPAK56 MOSFETs
    • Benchmarking of the Switching performance of a Silicon Germanium (SiGe) rectifier in a 48V/12V-DC-DC converter
    • Demonstrating thermal strength of LFPAK56 power bipolar transistors in linear voltage regulation
  • Packages

    Getting the right power density is increasingly critical in today’s designs. As the innovators of the industry-standard LFPAK we continue to drive package innovation to meet the most demanding power applications.
    • On demand demonstrator videos
      • Using Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A
      • LFPAK88 - the automotive MOSFET package driving power density to the next level
      • Enhancing thermal performance of CFP60 with top side cooling
      • Copper-clip SMD CCPAK GaN FET package in half-bridge evaluation board

2 July

If you missed one of our live sessions don’t worry.  All sessions are recorded and available to watch.


Delivering the energy efficiency, power miniaturization and system reliability demanded by industrial and infrastructure applications is a constant effort. From hot-swappable systems to parallel MOSFETs running very high currents, our latest products deliver power and space efficiencies.
  • On demand demonstrator videos
    • Balanced current sharing between parallel MOSFETs
    • High current 3-phase BLDC motor drive application using LFPAK88 MOSFETs
    • Using Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A
    • instagrid – portable power for professionals
  • GaN

    When it comes to getting very high efficiency and high-power density, then 650 V GaN-on-Si FETs offer an ideal solution. Our devices allow high frequency operation with high breakdown voltages and high current carrying capabilities. By applying two decades of copper-clip SMD package expertise to our GaN family with the development of CCPAK, our high-performance and robust technology gets ready to pave the way in HV package innovation.
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    • On demand demonstrator videos
      • Copper-clip SMD CCPAK GaN FET package in half-bridge evaluation board
      • Nexperia partners with Ricardo to develop GaN based EV inverter design

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