Welcome to Nexperia Power Live 2021

View recorded live sessions and on-demand video demos on GaN, MOSFETs, power diodes and bipolar transistors for automotive and industrial applications.


  • 21 September 2 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET MOSFET body-diode behaviour, Optimising Qrr & VSD to give efficiency gains & reduced spiking
    15:00 CET Managing in-rush current & hot SOA curves when designing with Power MOSFETs
    15:30 CET Why would you need a 500 A MOSFET?
    16:00 CET Case-study: How Nexperia Trench Schottky rectifiers improve efficiency of Recom power supply RACM1200-V


  • 22 September 2 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET Using behavioural MOSFET models for early debugging of EMI issues in power electronic applications
    15:00 CET How to maintain reliability and performance in Automotive using repetitive avalanche MOSFETs
    15:30 CET Paralleling MOSFETs in high power applications
    16:00 CET How to achieve extra efficiency and reliability in LED drivers or solenoid drives by choosing the most suitable power diode

Gallium Nitride (GaN)

  • 23 September 3 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET Paralleling GaN FETs
    15:00 CET New CCPAK double pulse evaluation board
    15:30 CET Switching evaluation of fast GaN devices
    16:00 CET GaN quality & reliability
    16:30 CET Panel discussion

GaN panel discussion

  • 23 September
    Live session

    GaN panel discussion

    Moderated by: 

    Maurizio di Paolo Emilio - Editor in Chief, Power Electronics News

    • Caroline O’Brien – CEO, Kubos Semiconductors
    • Dr. Temoc Rodriguez – Chief Engineer, Ricardo
    • Mikael Björk – CEO, Hexagem AB
    • Dr Dilder Chowdhury – Director of Strategic Marketing, Nexperia
    • Jim Honea - GaN Applications Director, Nexperia

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Dilder Chowdhury
Dilder Chowdhury Strategic Marketing Director - GaN FETs
Nima Lotfi
Nima Lotfi Application Marketing Manager
Norman Stapelberg
Norman Stapelberg Product & Marketing Manager - Automotive MOSFETs
Reza Behtash
Reza Behtash Application Marketing Manager
Sami Ould-ahmed
Sami Ould-ahmed Senior Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Sebastian Fahlbusch
Sebastian Fahlbusch Application Marketing Manager
Stein Nesbakk
Stein Nesbakk Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Steven Waterhouse
Steven Waterhouse Product & Marketing Manager - Power MOSFETs