About the seminar

Logic devices for the modern design world

In this seminar, applications and innovations in logic devices for the automotive and industrial markets will be covered. It will focus on on Q100 reliability certification, preferred package types for high reliability applications, analog switch design including current injection and thermal resistance measurements.


Tom Wolf, Technical Applications Manager for Nexperia. He holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computing Engineering specializing in microelectronics and robotics. Tom has designed automation systems for IBM and GE and provided application design engineering for semiconductor manufacturers Intel, AMD, NEC and Philips/NXP. In his spare time he consults on video production and technical theater (lighting/sound/special effects).

Ashish Jha, Product Manager in the Analog and Logic (A&L) business unit of Nexperia. Ashish holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering, RU, India and MBA, Tilburg University, The Netherlands. In his current role, he is responsible for conceptualizing and bringing new Logic products to the market and drive the growth of the Logic Portfolio. He is also responsible for product life-cycle management of the existing Logic portfolio.

Christian Backhaus, Application Marketing Manager at Nexperia with focus on applications for Analog & Logic IC products. He holds diploma in electronic engineering from RWTH Aachen and has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. In former positions as development engineer for Mitsubishi, Philips and NXP Semiconductors, Christian had designed IC systems for Microcontrollers, video systems and smart card controllers.

Seminar agenda: Logic Applications and Design

  • Introduction
  • Understanding AEC-Q100 Automotive requirements
  • Common Automotive Logic applications
  • Automotive Preferred Package requirements
  • Logic family and package combinations
  • Analog Switch Design including Current Injection
  • Understanding thermal resistances

Watch the seminar here