650 V cascode GaN FETs

Performance, efficiency, reliability

The very high electron mobility of GaN enables the creation of devices with low on-resistance and exceptionally high switching frequency capability. These advantages are vital in next-generation power systems, such as industry 4.0 and renewable energy applications. Nexperia cascode GaN FETs are the enabler in these applications offering high power density, high performance, and high switching frequency. This unique solution facilitates the ease of driving the devices using well-known Si MOSFET gate drivers. Additionally, they deliver unmatched high junction temperature (Tj [max] 175 °C), ease of design freedom and improved reliability of power systems.


650 V cascode GaN FETs


型号 描述 状态 快速访问
GAN039-650NBB 650 V, 33 mOhm Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a CCPAK1212 package Qualification
GAN039-650NTB 650 V, 33 mOhm Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a CCPAK1212i package Production
GAN041-650WSB 650 V, 35 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a TO-247 package Production
GAN063-650WSA 650 V, 50 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET Production
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Application note (5)

文件名称 标题 类型 日期
AN90030_translated ハーフブリッジ・トポロジーにおけるNexperia製GaN FETの並列 Application note 2023-04-03
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AN90004 Probing considerations for fast switching applications Application note 2019-11-15

Leaflet (4)

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nexperia_document_leaflet_GaN_CCPAK_2023_CHN CCPAK GaN FETs Chinese Leaflet 2023-10-25
nexperia_document_leaflet_GaN_CCPAK_2023 CCPAK GaN FETs Leaflet 2023-10-25
nexperia_document_leaflet_GaNFETs_2023_CHN Power GaN FETs leaflet Leaflet 2023-10-25
nexperia_document_leaflet_GaNFETs_2023 Power GaN FETs leaflet Leaflet 2023-10-25

Marcom graphics (1)

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CCPAK1212_SOT8000-Combi_mk Plastic, surface mounted copper clip package (CCPAK1212); 13 terminals; 2.0 mm pitch, 12 mm x 12 mm x 2.5 mm body Marcom graphics 2023-04-20

Technical note (1)

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TN90004 An insight into Nexperia Power GaN technology – Applications, quality, reliability and scalability Technical note 2020-07-21

User manual (1)

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Nexperia_document_book_MOSFETGaNFETApplicationHandbook_2020 MOSFET & GaN FET Application Handbook User manual 2020-11-05

White paper (5)

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nexperia_whitepaper_gan_need_for_efficient_conversion White paper: Power GaN technology: the need for efficient power conversion White paper 2020-07-23
nexperia_whitepaper_gan_robustness_aecq101_CN Whitepaper: GaN FET technology and the robustness needed for AEC-Q101 qualification – Chinese (650 V GaN FET技术可提供 出色效率,以及AEC-Q101 认证所需的耐用性) White paper 2020-07-15
nexperia_whitepaper_gan_robustness_aecq101 White paper: GaN FET technology and the robustness needed for AEC-Q101 qualification White paper 2020-06-08