Reliable high voltage galvanic isolation for robust system operation

As the demand for high voltage applications has grown, so has the need for galvanic isolation. Digital isolators and transformer drivers are necessary for isolation of digital communication and power supplies in high voltage applications to ensure safe operation between high voltage and low voltage circuits, and to protect human operators from high voltages. Our isolation family of digital isolators and transformer drivers improves system functionality, lifetime, and reliability by providing technologies that offer high performance isolated signal transfer and high-performance isolated power. High voltage applications that require isolation include grid infrastructure, motor drives, factory automation, electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid EVs, EV charging stations, renewable energy systems, and industrial power supplies.


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NXF6501DC-Q100 Low-noise, 1.2 A transformer driver for isolated power supplies Development
NXF6505ADA-Q100 Development
NXF6505BDA-Q100 Development
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