N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET



Features and benefits

  • 低导通电阻,因而导通损耗很小
  • 符合Q101标准
  • 适用于标准电平栅极驱动源
  • 额定温度为175 °C,适用于对热性能要求苛刻的环境


  • 12 V和24 V负载
  • 汽车和通用电源开关
  • 马达、灯具和螺线管


型号 Package version Package name Product status Channel type Nr of transistors VDS [max] (V) RDSon [max] @ VGS = 10 V (mΩ) Tj [max] (°C) ID [max] (A) QGD [typ] (nC) QG(tot) [typ] @ VGS = 10 V (nC) Ptot [max] (W) Qr [typ] (nC) VGSth [typ] (V) Automotive qualified Ciss [typ] (pF) Coss [typ] (pF) Release date
BUK7230-55A SOT428 DPAK End of life N 1 55 30 175 38 9 24 88 100 3 Y 864 218 2011-01-04


下表中的所有产品型号已停产。参见表 停产信息 了解更多信息。

型号 可订购的器件编号,(订购码(12NC)) 状态 标示 封装 外形图 回流焊/波峰焊 包装
BUK7230-55A BUK7230-55A,118
Discontinued / End-of-life BUK7230 55A SOT428
Obsolete BUK7230 55A SOT428_118


下表中的所有产品型号已停产。参见表 停产信息 了解更多信息。

型号 可订购的器件编号 化学成分 RoHS RHF指示符
BUK7230-55A BUK7230-55A,118 BUK7230-55A rohs rhf
BUK7230-55A BUK7230-55A/C,118 BUK7230-55A rohs rhf

文档 (20)

文件名称 标题 类型 日期
BUK7230-55A N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET Data sheet 2017-05-04
AN10273 Power MOSFET single-shot and repetitive avalanche ruggedness rating Application note 2022-06-20
AN10874_ZH LFPAK MOSFET thermal design guide, Chinese version Application note 2020-04-30
AN11113_ZH LFPAK MOSFET thermal design guide - Part 2 Application note 2020-04-30
AN11156 Using Power MOSFET Zth Curves Application note 2021-01-04
AN11158 Understanding power MOSFET data sheet parameters Application note 2020-07-06
AN11158_ZH Understanding power MOSFET data sheet parameters Application note 2021-01-04
AN11160 Designing RC Snubbers Application note 2023-02-03
AN11243 Failure signature of Electrical Overstress on Power MOSFETs Application note 2017-12-21
AN11261 RC Thermal Models Application note 2021-03-18
AN11599 Using power MOSFETs in parallel Application note 2016-07-13
TN00008 Power MOSFET frequently asked questions and answers Technical note 2023-01-12
SOT428 3D model for products with SOT428 package Design support 2017-06-30
Nexperia_package_poster Nexperia package poster Leaflet 2020-05-15
DPAK_SOT428_mk plastic, single-ended surface-mounted package (DPAK); 3 leads; 2.285 mm pitch; 6 mm x 6.6 mm x 2.3 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28
SOT428_118 DPAK; Reel pack for SMD, 13"; Q2/T3 product orientation Packing information 2024-01-29
REFLOW_BG-BD-1 Reflow soldering profile Reflow soldering 2021-04-06
WAVE_BG-BD-1 Wave soldering profile Wave soldering 2021-09-08


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文件名称 标题 类型 日期
SOT428 3D model for products with SOT428 package Design support 2017-06-30

How does it work?

The interactive datasheets are based on the Nexperia MOSFET precision electrothermal models. With our interactive datasheets you can simply specify your own conditions interactively. Start by changing the values of the conditions. You can do this by using the sliders in the condition fields. By dragging the sliders you will see how the MOSFET will perform at the new conditions set.