Medical diagnostics and therapy

Medical diagnostic and therapy systems often include numerous sensors along with actuators and pumps. From a simple temperature sensor and ultrasonic actuator all the way up to multiple sensors driving pumps for blood, insulin, adrenalin or oxygen. This can be achieved through simple cost-effective stepper or full 3-phase motors. Importantly, whether static mains powered or battery-powered portable devices, they all have to perform to exacting standards.

Block diagram

Design challenges

  • Power management needs to be carefully controlled and isolated
  • Range of actuators and motors from simple switch and cost-effective steppers to 3-phase motors for fine control over pumps.
  • Protection of sensitive electronics from potential ESD spikes
  • Reliable and efficient DC:DC conversion through combination of low-voltage MOSFETs in LFPAK and CFP Schottky Diodes
  • Enhanced forward biased safe operating area for superior linear mode operation




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