Smoke / Fire detector

Building safety has become an increasingly important issue across the world, especially in taller buildings, with early and accurate fire detection being vital to enable residents to safely evacuate in time. Smoke detectors play a vital role in this regard. With 10-year sealed battery alarms, battery replacements and late-night battery chirps are eliminated for a decade. However that means systems must be extremely efficient and reliable, while at the same time driving designs towards smaller, cost-effective batteries.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design challenges

  • Low-cost, battery driven smoke / fire detectors are increasingly a regularory requirement across the world
  • Long lifetime requires low leakage Schottky rectifiers
  • Low Voltage Low Rds on MOSFETs in leaded SOT457 and leadless DFN2020 packages
  • Nexperia has a broad discretes portfolio which can be used for driving a discrete IR (highlighted) or PWM IR directly from the microcontroller

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

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Logic Application Handbook

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