Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Reliability of power sources is an increasing challenge in many sectors and battery-backed uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) are one option to protect and keep electronic equipment operating in the event of grid power failure. The three major UPS configurations are offline (also called standby and battery backup), line-interactive and online double conversion. While online systems are the most complex and costly, they provide waveform conditioning during normal mains supply and are even becoming bidirectional to connect to smart grids. To deliver all of this, UPS systems have become more reliable and offer greater availability while reducing energy losses and costs with the move to transformerless and modular systems.

Block diagram


  • 开始采用PWM驱动无刷直流电机控制
  • 电机驱动MOSFET必须以低RDSon和良好的热阻抗来满足峰值高电流需求
  • 如果过载情况会降低电池和栅极电压,则可能需要具有强线性模式性能的MOSFET来提供反向电池保护
  • MOSFET可能需要满足UL2595等的具体间距要求
  • 为小尺寸优化的电荷平衡MOSFET,通常装在可移动电池组中——每个电池一个

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

Drawing on over 20 years’ of experience, the MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: A Power Design Engineer’s Guide brings together a comprehensive set of learning and reference materials relating to the use of MOSFETs and GaN FETs in real world systems.

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