Dual 2-input NOR gate


Features and benefits

  • 2.0 V至6.0 V的宽电源电压范围
  • 输入电平:
    • 对于74HC2G02:CMOS电平
    • 对于74HCT2G02:TTL电平
  • 对称输出阻抗
  • 高抗噪性
  • 低功耗
  • 平衡传播延迟
  • 多种封装选择
  • ESD保护:
    • HBM JESD22-A114E超过2000 V
    • MM JESD22-A115-A超过200 V
  • 额定温度范围为-40 °C至+85 °C和-40 °C至+125 °C


型号 Product status VCC (V) Logic switching levels Output drive capability (mA) tpd (ns) fmax (MHz) Nr of bits Power dissipation considerations Tamb (°C) Rth(j-a) (K/W) Ψth(j-top) (K/W) Rth(j-c) (K/W) Package name
74HCT2G02DP Production 4.5 - 5.5 TTL ± 4 12 36 2 low -40~125 216 20.5 106 TSSOP8

PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model

Model Name 描述


型号 可订购的器件编号,(订购码(12NC)) 状态 标示 封装 外形图 回流焊/波峰焊 包装
74HCT2G02DP 74HCT2G02DP,125
Active T02 SOT505-2
SOT505-2 SOT505-2_125


型号 可订购的器件编号 化学成分 RoHS RHF指示符
74HCT2G02DP 74HCT2G02DP,125 74HCT2G02DP rohs rhf rhf

文档 (9)

文件名称 标题 类型 日期
74HC_HCT2G02 Dual 2-input NOR gate Data sheet 2023-11-14
AN10161 PicoGate Logic footprints Application note 2002-10-29
AN11044 Pin FMEA 74HC/74HCT family Application note 2019-01-09
Nexperia_document_guide_MiniLogic_PicoGate_201901 PicoGate leaded logic portfolio guide Brochure 2019-01-07
SOT505-2 3D model for products with SOT505-2 package Design support 2019-01-18
Nexperia_package_poster Nexperia package poster Leaflet 2020-05-15
SOT505-2 plastic, thin shrink small outline package; 8 leads; 0.65 mm pitch; 3 mm x 3 mm x 1.1 mm body Package information 2022-06-03
SOT505-2_125 TSSOP8; Reel pack for SMD, 7''; Q3/T4 product orientation Packing information 2020-04-21
74HCT2G02DP_Nexperia_Product_Reliability 74HCT2G02DP Nexperia Product Reliability Quality document 2023-05-29


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文件名称 标题 类型 日期
SOT505-2 3D model for products with SOT505-2 package Design support 2019-01-18

PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model

Model Name 描述


型号 Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC) 状态 包装 Packing Quantity 在线购买
74HCT2G02DP 74HCT2G02DP,125 935271871125 Active SOT505-2_125 3,000 订单产品


安世半导体客户可通过我们的销售机构或直接通过在线样品商店订购样品: https://extranet.nexperia.com.



How does it work?

The interactive datasheets are based on the Nexperia MOSFET precision electrothermal models. With our interactive datasheets you can simply specify your own conditions interactively. Start by changing the values of the conditions. You can do this by using the sliders in the condition fields. By dragging the sliders you will see how the MOSFET will perform at the new conditions set.


型号 可订购的器件编号 订购代码(12NC) 封装 从经销商处购买
74HCT2G02DP 74HCT2G02DP,125 935271871125 SOT505-2 订单产品