TO-247 GaN FETs

Coupling Nexperia’s packaging expertise with the industry-standard TO-247 produces high quality, highly robust GaN FET products, satisfying the most demanding applications with unmatched reliability.

Features and benefits

  • High performance (>99% efficiency)
  • Low dynamic characteristics
  • Lowest WBG losses in reverse conduction
  • Leading soft-switching performance
  • Easy to drive, 0 to 12 V gate drive


  • Solar inverters
  • Server & Telecom power supplies
  • Servo Motor Drives
  • Battery and UPS

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TO-247 GaN FETs



型号 描述 状态 快速访问
GAN041-650WSB 650 V, 35 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a TO-247 package Production
GAN063-650WSA 650 V, 50 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET Production


文件名称 标题 类型 日期
TO-247_SOT429_mk plastic, single-ended through-hole package; 3 leads; 5.45 mm pitch; 20.45 mm x 15.6 mm x 4.95 mm body Marcom graphics 2019-02-19
AN90005 Understanding Power GaN FET data sheet parameters Application note 2020-06-08
AN90006 Circuit design and PCB layout recommendations for GaN FET half bridges Application note 2019-11-15
Nexperia_document_brochure_GaN_2021 Nexperia_document_brochure_GaN_2021 Brochure 2021-05-18
TN90004 An insight into Nexperia Power GaN technology – Applications, quality, reliability and scalability Technical note 2020-07-21
nexperia_whitepaper_gan_need_for_efficient_conversion White paper: Power GaN technology: the need for efficient power conversion White paper 2020-07-23
nexperia_whitepaper_gan_need_for_efficient_conversion_CHN 白皮书: 功率GaN技术: 高效功率转换的需求 White paper 2020-08-17
Nexperia_document_book_MOSFETGaNFETApplicationHandbook_2020 MOSFET & GaN FET Application Handbook User manual 2020-11-05
nexperia_whitepaper_gan_need_for_efficient_conversion_Japanese Whitepaper: GaN need for efficient conversion (Japanese) White paper 2021-05-20
AN90030 Paralleling of Nexperia GaN FETs in half-bridge topology Application note 2021-10-19
Nexperia_Selection_guide_2022 Nexperia Selection Guide 2022 Selection guide 2022-01-05



Datasheets (2)

文件名称 标题 类型 日期
GAN041-650WSB 650 V, 35 mΩ Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET in a TO-247 package Data sheet 2021-01-12
GAN063-650WSA 650 V, 50 mOhm Gallium Nitride (GaN) FET Data sheet 2020-07-31