Half-bridge for space constrained motor applications

60% lower parasitic inductance and improved thermal performance

A series of half-bridge (high side & low side) MOSFETs constructed in the space-saving LFPAK56D package format. Occupying 30% lower PCB area compared to dual MOSFETs for 3 phase motor control topologies due to the removal of PCB tracks whilst permitting simple automated optical inspection (AOI) during production. The LFPAK56D half-bridge utilises existing high volume LFPAK56D assembly processes. The package format uses flexible leads to improve overall reliability, and an internal copper clip connection between the MOSFETs simplifies PCB designs and brings a plug and play style solution with exceptional current handling capability.

Half-bridge ASFETs for space constrained applications feature:

  • 60% lower parasitic inductance due to internal clip connection
  • 30% space saving on PCB compared to LFPAK56D dual
  • Flexible leads for BLR
  • Industry leading low Rth(j-mb) of LFPAK ensures MOSFET junction temperature can be kept under control even in the most compact of designs 
  • As with all motor applications, there is a level of system vibration that cannot be dampened. LFPAK56D-HB brings a unique level of board level reliability and ruggedness.

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PSMN013-40VLD Dual N-channel 40 V, 13 mOhm logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56D (half-bridge configuration) Production
PSMN4R2-40VSH Dual N-channel 40 V, 4.2 mOhm standard level MOSFET in LFPAK56D (half-bridge configuration) Production
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AN90011 Half-bridge MOSFET switching and its impact on EMC Application note 2020-04-28

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