Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETs - raising the bar for safe, robust and reliable power switching


Addressing the growing demand for high-power and high-voltage industrial applications, Nexperia’s Silicon Carbide MOSFETs, with their excellent RDSon temperature stability, fast switching speed, and high short-circuit ruggedness, make them the product of choice for E-vehicle charging infrastructure, photovoltaic inverters, and motor drives.

Design Benefits

  • Very low switching losses
  • Fast reverse recovery
  • Fast switching speed
  • Temperature independent turn-off switching losses
  • Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode

Key technical features

  • Best-in-class RDSon temperature dependency
  • Superior gate charge and beneficial gate charge ratio
    • Low power consumption of gate drivers
    • High tolerance against parasitic turn-on
  • Ultra small threshold voltage tolerance
  • Robust body diode with very low forward voltage
  • Lower leakage current up to 1200 V

Key applications

  • E-vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • Switch mode power supply
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • Motor drives


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Brochure (2)

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CHINESE_FINAL_2023-0001_NEX_181_SiC_MOSFETs_Factsheet_Update CHINESE_FINAL_2023_NEX_SiC_MOSFETs_Factsheet_Update Brochure 2023-11-29
Final_2023-0001_NEX_181_SiC_MOSFETs_Factsheet_Update_v02 NEX 181 SiC MOSFETs Factsheet v02 Brochure 2023-11-20

Data sheet (2)

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NSF040120L3A0 1200 V, 40 mΩ, N-channel SiC MOSFET Data sheet 2023-11-29
NSF080120L3A0 1200 V, 80 mΩ, N-channel SiC MOSFET Data sheet 2023-11-29

Marcom graphics (1)

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SOT429-2_TO-247-TL Plastic single-ended through-hole package; heatsink mounted; 1 mounting hole; 3-lead TO-247-3L Marcom graphics 2023-11-15