Automotive qualified products (AEC-Q100/Q101)

Combining our expertise in both automotive and discrete solutions, we offer an extensive portfolio of discrete components – from small-signal to power

We help enable the connected car with dedicated automotive discrete, MOSFET and logic devices, all fully qualified to the AEC-Q100/Q101 standard. Along with traditional powertrain, chassis and body electronics our innovation supports new and future system designs, from wireless car safety all the way through to electric vehicle chargers. Our energy- and design-efficient products are backed up by dedicated manufacturing and supply chains to meet long-term volume needs.

Focus Packages

版本 名称 描述 安装方法 表面贴装 引脚 间距(mm) 占位面积(mm²) PDF

Leaflet (2)

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Nexperia_document_leaflet_ssMOSFET_automotive_201910_CHN 符合AEC-Q101标准的MOSFET, 采用小型有引脚和无引脚DFN的 SMD封装 Leaflet 2019-10-23
Nexperia_document_leaflet_ssMOSFET_automotive_201910 AEC-Q101 qualified MOSFETs, SMD packages in both small leaded and leadless DFN Leaflet 2019-10-08

Marcom graphics (1)

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LFPAK56D_SOT1205_mk plastic, single ended surface mounted package (LFPAK56D); 8 leads; 1.27 mm pitch; 4.7 mm x 5.3 mm x 1.05 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (2)

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Nexperia_Selection_guide_2020 Nexperia Selection Guide 2020 Selection guide 2020-01-31
nexperia_automotive_selection_guide_LR_201902 Nexperia Automotive Selection Guide 2019 Selection guide 2019-02-18