Automotive ESD Ethernet

ESD protection for automotive Ethernet applications

Ethernet is seen as an universal and flexible alternative to CAN or FlexRay networks. It is used for modules that need to process more data and need higher data rates such as driver assistance or back-bone networks. The standard BroadR-Reach has been defined by Broadcom and has been transferred into the OPEN Alliance Special Interest Group. In line with our ambitious quality philosophy, Nexperia offers tailored ESD protection concepts to secure Ethernet applications.


Automotive ESD Ethernet


型号 描述 状态 快速访问
PESD2ETH-AD Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ESD protection diode Production
PESD2ETH-AX Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ESD protection diode Production
PESD2ETH-D Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ESD protection diode Production
PESD2ETH-X Ultra low capacitance double rail-to-rail ESD protection diode Production
PESD2ETH100-T ESD protection for In-vehicle networks Production
PESD2ETH1G-T ESD protection for In-vehicle networks Production
PESD5V0U1BA Low capacitance bidirectional ESD protection diode Production
PRTR5V0U4D Ultra low capacitance quadruple rail-to-rail ESD protection Production

Brochure (3)

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Nexperia_ESD_Automotive_Application_Guide ESD Automotive Application Guide Brochure 2020-06-26
Nexperia_document_brochure_application-guide_automotive Nexperia Application Guide Automotive Brochure 2019-05-31
Nexperia_document_brochure_ESD-Protection-Applications_022017 ESD Protection Application guide Brochure 2018-12-21

Leaflet (2)

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Nexperia_Automotive_Ethernet_ESD_Protection_Factsheet_CN 汽车以太网ESD保护 Leaflet 2020-02-12
Nexperia_Automotive_Ethernet_leaflet_ESD_Protection_Factsheet Automotive Ethernet ESD Protection - Nexperia offers the first true OPEN Alliance compliant ESD Protection Leaflet 2019-12-19

Marcom graphics (1)

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SOT23_mk plastic, surface-mounted package; 3 terminals; 1.9 mm pitch; 2.9 mm x 1.3 mm x 1 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (2)

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Nexperia_Selection_guide_2020 Nexperia Selection Guide 2020 Selection guide 2020-01-31
nexperia_automotive_selection_guide_LR_201902 Nexperia Automotive Selection Guide 2019 Selection guide 2019-02-18

User manual (1)

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Nexperia_document_book_ESDApplicationHandbook_2018 ESD Application Handbook - Protection concepts, testing and simulation for modern interfaces User manual 2018-08-29

White paper (2)

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Nexperia_Whitepaper_ESD_Discharge_Current_Measurement_Using_SEED_CN 运用SEED设计方法,根据开放技术联盟100BASE-T1规范 White paper 2020-02-26
Nexperia_Whitepaper_ESD_Discharge_Current_Measurement_Using_SEED_1 Efficient prediction of ESD discharge current according to OPEN Alliance 100BASE-T1 specification using SEED White paper 2019-12-19