On-Board Charger (OBC)

Whether a car is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), one critical component is the on-board charger (OBC). This enables the charging of the high-voltage DC battery packs from various electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) or charging stations. Those range from single-phase Level 1 residential chargers (~3 kW) to multi-phase Level 2 commercial capable of providing up to 22 kW, supporting both 400 and 800 V batteries. Of course Level 3 fast chargers provide a DC voltage direct to the battery, bypassing the OBC. However, a small highly efficient form factor is required to give manufactures the flexibility to place the OBC in different locations in various models.


Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products


  • 完整360度检测需要各种雷达选件和多个传感器,因此空间极为有限
  • 使用“邮票”雷达传感器模块以节省整个系统空间
  • 使用CFP和LFPAK封装以节省空间、提高热效率和系统稳健性

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

Drawing on over 20 years’ of experience, the MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: A Power Design Engineer’s Guide brings together a comprehensive set of learning and reference materials relating to the use of MOSFETs and GaN FETs in real world systems.

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