80 PLUS Titanium Industrial PSU (GaN-based)

Industrial power supplies (PSUs) cover a very broad range of power requirements. Specifically for those industrial PSUs operating at 2-3 kW, 24/7 efficiency is critical, but so is space, Bill of Materials and operating cost. The 80 PLUS Titanium certification guarantees efficiencies of between 90% and 96% with 10-100% loading. To make these devices even more efficient, robust and smaller, 650 V GaN FETs are giving 80 PLUS Titanium PSUs the boost they need.

Block diagrams

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Parallel system
  • Higher efficiency
  • Improved robustness and increased power density
  • Smaller form factor and increased miniaturization
  • Simplified gate drive requirements
  • Reduced BoM and smaller magnetics
  • Higher operating frequency

DFN0606 MOSFET:小封装里的高效器件



Power GaN FETs - Performance, efficiency, reliability

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