Robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners have possibly been one of the applications most transformed by the improvements in small powerful battery powered electric motors. Whether it is simply to generate the suction, or enable autonomous robots, modern households have seen an exponential growth in cordless and robotic cleaners. Detecting obstacles and surface variations using a host of sensing solutions (including cameras, indoor GPS and lidar), robot cleaners operate quietly and efficiently, automatically returning to their charging station when they have finished cleaning or when the battery runs low.

Block diagram

Design considerations

  • Reliable, accurate solutions for battery protection, gauging, monitoring and charging including best in class MOSFET SOA and avalanche capabilities
  • High-speed, compact and precise motor control for powerful suction and easy movement – with high power density thanks to GaN HEMT solutions
  • Secure, robust and low-power wireless / mobile connectivity protected by proven ESD diode
  • Wide range of translators for signal conditioning voltage configurable.

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

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Logic Application Handbook

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