Nexperia to be Hamburg Towers’ main sponsor


Nexperia to be Hamburg Towers’ main sponsor

四月 17, 2024

Hamburg -- The Veolia Towers have found their new main sponsor in Nexperia. The global semiconductor company, with its German headquarters in the Hanseatic city, and Hamburg's basketball team have agreed to work together until at least the end of the 2026/2027 season. The Nexperia logo is now featured on the jersey and the court’s center circle, among other things.

Two reasons for Hamburg's basketball team to be excited: the Veolia Towers are not only celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, but they have also secured Nexperia as their new partner. The global player in the electronics industry, with its German headquarters in Hamburg, will be the main sponsor for the next three years.

As an industry expert, Nexperia develops and produces semiconductor components that enable the basic functions of practically every electronic device in the world. For example, each smartphone contains an average of eight Nexperia chips, while a car contains up to 500. In addition to automotive and consumer electronics, the diodes and transistors manufactured in Hamburg can also be found in industrial electronics. That makes it almost certain that fans and the entire Veolia Towers team have already come into contact with a Nexperia product.

"We are delighted to welcome Nexperia, an established Hamburg-based company. We are united by our passion for what we do, our determination to succeed, and our commitment to a better future. With this partnership, we want to make a positive impact on the court as well as in Hamburg and beyond," explains Jan Fischer, Commercial Director of Veolia Towers.

Nexperia's roots go back to NXP Semiconductors, and Philips Semiconductors before that. The company has been based at the same location in Hamburg-Lokstedt for 100 years. Today, around 3,000 semiconductors are produced every second in the clean rooms on Stresemannallee. This makes Nexperia the world's largest factory for small-signal diodes and transistors, and the only company in Europe to focus on these less complex but crucial products. Nexperia is investing several hundred million euros in Hamburg over the next two years to expand and modernize its production facilities.

One focus of the investments in Hamburg is the expansion of production and development - particularly of products that reduce power consumption and increase the durability and efficiency of electronic devices. These semiconductors enable the transition to e-mobility, for example, by increasing the range of electric vehicles, reducing the size of products such as chargers, and contributing to the more efficient use of renewable energy sources.

"We are consciously investing in our future. On the one hand, through our products, which offer a reduction in CO2 emissions. On the other hand, in our TeamNexperia - with more than 1,600 people from 53 nations, Nexperia is actively building a diverse and innovative working environment. Now, we are also investing through our sponsorship of the Veolia Towers, the first time we have done so as a company. With their work, the Towers are shaping a future that assures greater social equality for almost a thousand children and young people in Hamburg. "We want to expressly support this as part of our partnership and encourage expansion in this area," explains Achim Kempe, Managing Director and Corporate Operating Officer (COO) of Nexperia.

The Nexperia logo is now featured on the Veolia Towers' jerseys. In addition, the new main sponsor will also be displayed in numerous areas in the Inselpark Arena - including in the center circle of the court.

Photo by Dennis Fischer