Nexperia unveils HVV’s coolest electric bus


Nexperia unveils HVV’s coolest electric bus

五月 14, 2024

Hamburg -- Team Nexperia is celebrating 100 years of history in Hamburg and are using the chance to share their story in some unique ways. They have joined forces with STRÖER and the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (hvv) to wrap an electric bus in their signature orange, bringing a splash of vibrancy to the city streets.

This eye-catching bus is a way to share how their technology plays a vital role in powering the modern world. Virtually every electronic design uses Nexperia components, but the name is not widely recognized. They’re on a mission to change that.

Nexperia's centennial celebration goes beyond branding. The campaign also highlights the company's commitment to sustainability. The tagline #greenertransportation underscores Nexperia's role in enabling the development of more efficient electronics, contributing to a more sustainable future for Hamburg and beyond.

This initiative comes on the heels of Nexperia's recent billboard and public transport screen campaign across the city. By taking their message onto the streets, Nexperia is connecting with Hamburg residents and showcasing their rich history of innovation in the field of semiconductors.